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Illinois to South Carolina

Moving to a new state can be overwhelming, and it was! 

My wife and I decided to pick up after spending most of lives in the state of Illinois and move to South Carolina. Nice huh! We decided to do so because of family in neighboring states and the warmer climate. 

Our move was fantastic in terms of house hunting and schools. Such a smooth transition eh! That is, until I found myself without the use of my hard-drive which apparently wanted nothing to do with the South Carolina sunshine. When I began editing one of my final shoots from Illinois, there was nothing on my hard-drive! Furious, scared and lost for words would be a vast understatement. 

Thank god for the Cloud, so I thought. Somehow, and through some virtual world wormhole, I found some CR2s (RAW not .jpeg photos taken with my Canon) of the photos I had taken? Problem was, there were 1000s of photos I had to open up, looking for those photo shoots, and they just don't appear as a photo, they are files without an inkling of what's in them! 

Once I found one photo, I had to reload the massive 25mb CR2 back onto my computer. Hours upon hours of sifting through photos netted me some 20-30 photos from two shoots. Still devastated and not even sure the what, why and how I stumbled upon my photos is still a mystery. When someone says backup your photos, do so! Then do it again! 

I am looking forward to many wonderful years in my new state with my family! They always seem to make everything alright. 

Kankakee State Park

What a wild winter! Temperatures near 60 and we're only mid January! It was an excellent opportunity to get out a snap a few photos of my favorite State Park. 

Winter themes are amazing for your photo shoots! Cold, but still amazing!

Let's face it, we live in the midwest and winters can be brutal.The kids are off for the holidays and you're looking for things to do. Schedule a winter shoot guaranteed to get your munchkins to bed early tonight. Click on Contact Me above and send a message.

Jake ~ Titled "You can do anything" and one of a dozen photos chosen by the photo website as Flickr's top portrait of the year!


What a wonderful Senior Shoot with Courtney! Ready to take on Indiana University after graduation this year! Courtney will major in Psychology. Best wishes Courtney! 

Family Time

What an awesome experience with this family! Getting to an urban setting this year brought back a lot of memories. I would visit the downtown Kankakee area just to shoot urban life and some of the old town structures.

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